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Asleep At Keyboard. Based on the initialism AFK (away from keyboard). Generally used in the context of people who would rather chat and play MMORPGs than get a good night's sleep (and end up with neither). Not advised with webcams or IRL... or OL (...or offline).

Can also mean Actually At Keyboard.
1: And I thought screw it that's it there's no point.
2: (zzz...)
1: well? ... hello?
2: ... huh? ... uh sorry I was out of it.
1: AAK again...


I have a keyboard pattern embedded into my forehead, waffle iron style.
by DUotdnes December 13, 2007
9 4
Acronym for "Actually At Keyboard" It is a parody and counterpart to AFK - "Away from Keyboard."
"Hey, are you AFK?"
"No, I'm AAK."


"On many IRC channels, there are more people AFK than are AAK."


"The game needs a mechanic which makes AFK macroing very risky, but poses little danger to the AAK players doing the same thing."

by Elipsis September 10, 2007
7 3