v. To go out of one's way to make an athletic play when a teammate is clearly in much better position to do so. Usually involves a cry of "A-Rod!" as the action takes place.
A-Rod just A-Roded Derek Jeter!
by DannyM April 28, 2005
someone who think they are as speshul as Anthony Rodriguez, some even have the sme name and use the nickname
hes being such an A-rod
by Steve Ugarte December 01, 2006
Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees
ARod is one of the best players in baseball.
by Mike April 12, 2004
hott sexy man that plays 3rd base for the yankees
hey look who is that on the field?? Its a-rod
by Corie April 30, 2005
You Fag boston fans need to get lives if this is all you do all day long.Alex is a great player and a good guy. Cant wait till he kills the sox in the playoffs this year. you losers are just jealous Theo didnt get him for you...
Red Sox fans make fun of a-rod because there ownership was too cheap to spend 3 million dollars to get him...

A-rod won the MYP for the second time in his career lastyear over Red Sox DH David Ortiz
by bob hecta May 12, 2006
See hottie, cute as shit athlete and so on.
I have a huuuuuuuge crush on A-Rod. Check him out in those pinstripes!
by AflacJack January 18, 2005
i am a-rod, i have a massive rod
a rod is cool blah blah blah.
by Hutch911 July 29, 2006

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