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To have have a Cam is to sexually become involved in a gothic threesome; preferably near lakes and logs, or on top of the chair of doom. It has been said that if you look between your legs you see Maura.
Kevin: Ahhhhh!
Maura: Ohhhhh!
Cameron: Kev, stop trying to rape Maura!
Kevin: Yeah fuck raping her! Let's have a Cam!
Maura: = *strips*
Cameron: = *whips out 2 inch cock*
Kev: Ahahaha look at Cam!
Cameron: -.-

*All engage in threesome*
*Beep sound*

Ant: Shit! It's the pigs!
Pigs: STOP!

*Psycho poodle jumps out and eats everyone while old fat guy sits back and watches in awe*
by Rf3mZ September 02, 2007
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