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1. a female who just wants to hit and be gone with the wind.
2. a female who just wants to do it in ya car.
3. a female that passes you by.
4. a female with a certain scent.
5. a female with long long hair.
6. a Bitch thats easy
a breezy can be any female in view cuz you know how i do.
by James Sanchez April 27, 2006
A girl who is very young but is hated and wanted by many. Comes off as an asshole to strangers but amazing to close friends and family. she generally has a group of followers who will copy and say everything she does!!!She has more haters then expected, but whats better then to talk about A-breezy? Shes curvy great face great personality *if known for a good time on good terms* some people have her skewed up as a hoe or trouble maker when its the anger she tries to keep under control but she wishes for everyone to be happy and is sad when she doesn't see that...

if you are close to A-breezy, never let her go.
Girl 1: ew wtf is that?
Girl 2: A-breezy what a hoe nasty she says we hate because we wish we were her who wishes that?

guy 1:*thinks* i'd do anything to be with her.... she keeps me coming back for more...
guy 1: *says* ewwh yea it is NASTY lets go talk about her !!!! *thinks* because i secretly do love her... but i hate it that anger though...
girl 1: SWEET can i go twerk with my gfs later
girl 2: FLEEK!
A-breezy: tahaaa otay! ;)
by NBAlogo2015 March 27, 2015
Sexiest female alive there's only one & only 1996 Taurus. She's a badass but a good girl full package and those curves are to die for.
I wish I could be hang with A-Breezy
by undercoverauthor2015 March 15, 2015
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