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A bizzle is a word often used by middle class european american youths who intend to "ghetto up" there vocabulary when in fact it has no meaning at all and therefore exposes there true nature. (80's exuivlant- "Yo, loose da zero and get wit da hero. Word t' yur mudda.")
Johny- "Yo, What up dog?"
Jimmy- "Not much, you down wit a bizzle my nizzle?
by jrump May 14, 2006
A badass nickname for a person named Abby or Abigail.
I met this ridiculously amazing girl the other day named Abby, and she said, "Call me Abizzle." Super badass.
by HellRight May 11, 2012
in Clarksville, Tn, a term commonly used to describe a female
I had a bizzle come to the crib last night, but she wasnt tryin to let me beat so i sent her home.
by Young Fresh Peezy October 01, 2006
A strange person who live in a hole, he likes playing guitars and like licking strange objects.
'hey is that A Bizzle licking that strange object?'
by Man man April 10, 2006
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