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A pathetic attempt to elaborate on a faux pas by fabricating even more untruths rather than admitting to your blunder.

(Re: Palin's account that Paul Revere was ringing bells to warn the British, and the efforts following to validate her erroneous account of events).
My teenager wouldn't get up this morning, insisting that there was no school, and when I referenced the school calendar, he pulled A Sarah Palin by explaining that in 2012 it'll be a Saturday, and technically there is no school, uh, in the future, on this day, and that the school bells didn't ring yesterday so he knew they were going on and jumping ahead to the 2012 calendar...ah, since there were not that many seniors this year anyway. In fact, he didn't need to go to school at all. Anymore. Because of no bells.
by easilyamusedinVT June 08, 2011
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