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1.This really annoying kid that goes to your school. He wears glasses, and tries to act cool, although he is never sucessful 500% of the time. (Note:that is not a typo, it is 500%). This one kid said he hated girls, so im thinking he's gay.
2.A fat, annoying kid that goes to you school, tries to act cool in many ways but fail HORRIBLY.
1. "EWWWWWIE! A Chow tried to touch my hair! EWWW I'mma go take a 6 hour shower after I go home!" quote from girl...
by Liquid Tang March 23, 2006
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A chow is another way of saying a cunt.
-She's a chow.
-Stop being such a chow.

(normally another word is inserted between "a" and "chow", ie. fucking, stupid, dirty, etc... feel free to insert more than one word, to mix it up, if you like!)

(Also, it doesn't always have to be used in a bad way)
by Shaun of the Dead May 22, 2006
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