A sexual act in which whipped cream or ice cream is squirted on to the penis, followed by the strategic placing of a Cadbury's flake into the cream heap. The creamy, chocolaty treat is then sensually licked and nibbled off by a (hungry) partner.
A "I had a bit of a messy encounter last night."
B "What happened?"
A "Let's just say it involved a Mr. Whippy"
B "You 99ed? That's gross."
A "Tasted good though."
#99 #ice cream #flake #sex act #ninety-nine
by Feh Feh November 11, 2013
yeaah we were 99ing all night, now my ass is sore.
#butt sex #69 #butt #sex #yum
by rainbowhamburger July 11, 2010
its a txting emoticon represeting an eye roll... can be either 9.9 or 6.6 or for a complete eye roll 6.6 9.9 or 9.9 6.6
Metallica freak #1: i went to go meet METALLICA yesterday
Metallica Freak #2: watever dood 9.9
#eyeroll #6.6 #9.9 #6.9 #9.6 #@.@
by MR METALLICA MAN July 09, 2011
When a woman is performing a Mister Whippy from the anus (squeezing cum out onto her partner's face in a circular motion) and there is an accidental follow through planting a bit of brown on top.
I thought I agreed to only let my girlfriend to do a Mister Whippy from her arse for her birthday but one little fart later and I had a 99 on my face!
#dairy #sperm #bowel #movement #facial
by Jean Dom February 26, 2010
doggy-style sex akin to 69
to watch TV that couple did a 99.
by bs & co March 18, 2005
Used by people on IM programs to tell the other person to "shut up, my parents are watching".
Maddog: Hey Sarah are you up for some sex?
Sarah: Sure thing when do you want it?
Maddog: 99
Maddog: Sorry my mum walked in.
by bublnsqeek July 20, 2005
A term used to describe a "9 to 9" job or simply to describe working hard all day.
Ice Cube uses the term at the beginning of one of his songs. He simply says "99...On the grind"
#on the grind #9 to 5 #9-5 #9-9 #hustle
by Gangsta16 December 04, 2005
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