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1 definition by Mikey420


A NY coined term that originated in the 60's. Popular among Italians and the mainstream during the 60's,70's and 80's. A person that gets 99% of what you have to offer with the exception of love and genuine affection. Used to describe a loveless,superficial,sexual relationship where both people benefit in some way but where love and emotions are not allowed. 99 exchanges mock relationships in appearance but are a verbal agreement between 2 people to meet each others needs without emotions or stress. Usually short term and based on physical attraction,sexual compatibility and the ability to meet the other's needs. More than a sex buddy but far less than a long term relationship.
"I was gonna 99 that chick, but she'd be in it for the cheese and my pockets aren't built like that right now."
"Word,I copped a FLY lil 99,son! And all she want is the D. It's perfect!"
"I need a female to kick it with this summer but I don't need the stress,I'ma get out here and 99 a bad one watch!"
by Mikey420 May 14, 2013