when the person you are screwing at the time is so mad at you that they don't even ant to face you
When I was at my gf Jenny's family reunion andshe did the 96 position on me because I threw up on her mom's favorite cat.
when two lovers are mad at each other they lie on oppisite sides of a bed and suck their own genital.
Stacy and Bobby just broke up. I bet that they're 96ing....
by yiffer boy 96 May 31, 2003
a variant of 69 in which the female bends over backwards to administer fellatio while the male performs cunnilingus
my favorite position is 96
by 96 April 07, 2005
1.) The opposite of a sixty-nine (69). When two people suck on each others's brown eye or anus or asshole.
Tom and Celine were so close that they freely 96'ed each other in public.
by taker May 13, 2006
When a dude has a drunk hook up and he goes down to eat out a girl and then decides he wants a blow job too so he rotates around so he is face fucking her mouth hole with his asshole on her nose.
Dude 1: "How was that hookup with Sarah last night."
Dude 2: "Pretty sloppy, I totally 96ed her."
by Calvin Schiraldi May 11, 2005
Similar to 69, 96 consist of 2 people having secks. But the twist is that they are not facing each other and they are upside down. They rub their asses to the back of the other's head, while they masterbate them selves.
Man that 96 was crazy last night, there is still shit in my hair.
by Amador & Lucas October 26, 2006
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