when you sleep over a friend's house, and there is only one bed and you don't feel like sleeping on the floor. So you lay facing one direction, next to each other and your friend faces the opposite back to back, your feet next to your friends face, representing the number 96. It is very awkward.
Guy 1: So how was your sleepover at Derrick's house last night?
Guy 2: Horrible, he has a wood floor that I couldn't sleep on, so i had to sleep on his bed, with him in the 96 position.

Guy 1: damn...
by ombop48 November 10, 2010
Top Definition
69 but backwards instead of giving each other oral pleasure u fart on each others heads.
Yo man that bitch 96'ed me so hard she left skid marks.
by SickFuck February 13, 2003
Variation of 69;

Lay back-to-back with your heads at opposite ends of the bed and masturbate.
"Doing a 96 i have more control than doing 69 :D"
by y00m0mma February 06, 2007
69 for the sexually dyslexic.
Jane and Jack are dyslexic, so they have 96 instead of 69.
by twiggy16 July 10, 2008
(n) a position where two people lie alongside each other facing opposite directions with their heads resting comfortably between their partner's butt cheeks
After performing 69, many sexual partners like to turn their backs and relax in a comfy 96, but this is ill-advised after eating Mexican food. The results may be grimm.
by BeardedFatass December 11, 2002
Also known as "The Moroz"

It is a sexual act in which the 69 position is reversed. So that the male is on top of the female. This allows deeper insertion of the penis into the oral cavity. Developed by someone known only as bossman.
"Dude I totally 96ed that slut last night!!"

"The day you 96 is the day you become a man."
by bossman96 November 05, 2012
The exact opposite of 69 usually takes place after a failed 69 in which the couple turn and face opposite of each thus 96
Guy 1:Damn
Guy 2:Whats wrong?
Guy 1:My wife and I did 96 last night
Guy 2:Oh that sucks
by Jikeeee April 01, 2009
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