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a crazy sexsual position that only double jointed people can achieve
mike "hey, I was with shaniqua when I realised we were both double jointed so we had a 96"

travis "what did that look like"

shaniqua "I have no idea"
by harry the poop May 17, 2009
51 43
A term used when a break-up in a relationship occurs after doing 69.
After an unsuccessful 69, a 96 had occurred, ending the relationship.
by Gonzy August 07, 2012
20 18
An amish sexual position
person a: I wonder what sexual positions amish use

Person b: most likely 96 and as proven by irrefutable evidence occasionally missionary.
by ProphetOfConfusion May 23, 2014
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when a dating couple are too concerned with each other they forget about there friends and only think of them selves and always have to be stuck up each others asses (96)
GUY 1: wheres josh?
GUY 2: with jolynn
GUY 1: god this is like the 100th time this week
GUY 2: god they are always stuck up each others asses all the damn time there 69ing the wrong way
GUY 1: yea there not 69ing there 96ing
(both guys begin to laugh at how true it is)
by daky182 July 04, 2011
6 13
A 69 for older partners when they dont even look at each other in bed.
Tim: "Dude i just walked into my grandparents bedroom. It looks like they really hate each other."

Bob: "I saw that on urban dictionary. Its called a 96!"
by DJ Pauly P May 11, 2011
11 18
Upside down 69ing with the guy on top. Preferred method of oral sex of skinny indian men with large bellies and trollish indian women.
When they 96'ed an indian troll resembling Pedro Martinez was gagged by a 3 inch cock
by Pedro Martinez Rai February 07, 2010
4 11
96 is similar to the 69 however, the woman will be in a Crab position instead of lying normaly.
96 Allows better deepthroat
by Josh1968 January 19, 2009
13 20