the male lies down on his back and the woman sits on his face, leans back, and gives oral sex while having her butt hole eaten out
Perrin: Hey Chloe, wana 96?
Chloe: Sure, i love my ass being eaten out!
by PEARBEARmarmar January 21, 2010
when a dating couple are too concerned with each other they forget about there friends and only think of them selves and always have to be stuck up each others asses (96)
GUY 1: wheres josh?
GUY 2: with jolynn
GUY 1: god this is like the 100th time this week
GUY 2: god they are always stuck up each others asses all the damn time there 69ing the wrong way
GUY 1: yea there not 69ing there 96ing
(both guys begin to laugh at how true it is)
by daky182 July 04, 2011
Although like 69, it primarily focuses on pleasuring each other's poop-shooter.
Take a shit and then a shower, we're 96'in tonight bitch!
by Eddie Murph April 15, 2008
the act of two men laying on their backs with a double sided Dildo going into each of their asses, while masturbating
Josh: dude, that 96 last night was so painful I enjoyed it.

Jason: yeah me too, I even came twice as much as normal.
by SlashBeeSlash September 03, 2008
What happens when 2 people are so tired of doing 69 that they roll over onto their other side and fall asleep and do a 96.
That 69 was fun, but we got so tired from it we had to turn it into a 96.
by lvkurtcsband November 19, 2004
When you get a four day break (military esp) from work.
Private Joe had a 96, so he went to Oceanside and banged some blond chick for four days straight and came back with chlamydia, so Doc had to fix him.
by GurrYo August 24, 2006
when two lovers are mad at each other they lie on oppisite sides of a bed and suck their own genital.
Stacy and Bobby just broke up. I bet that they're 96ing....
by yiffer boy 96 May 31, 2003

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