A very easy subtraction problem. Doesn't even require a calculator if your IQ is above 30.
Teacher: What's 9-11?
Student: -2
by fuck america April 19, 2005
Normally one of the following:

1. Something cowards call when they can't handle someone themselves and are easily offended.

2.A life saver
1. A 350 pound guy, his friend and girlfriend couldn't beat up James when he told them what they needed to hear so they dialed 911 and cops arrested him.

2. My brother dialed 911 when I was choking on food and I was rushed to the Hospital and released the next day.
by notchasingtheamericandream June 17, 2010
1.) The emergency number in the US.

2.) A sports car, the Porsche 911.

3.) Common miswritten name for the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks, also known as 9/11 or 9-11.

4.) A British Overseas Airways flight that crashed in 1966
"He broke his neck; call 911!"

"Dude, did you see that guys 911?"

"Jon, it's 9/11, not 911. For that reason you get a B on your paper"

"Did you know that there was a plane with the number 911 that crashed back in the 60's?"
by NYC Cops Ain't To Smart September 10, 2011
emergency..urgent to return the call when put into a pager
by big johnny July 09, 2002
1.) A number you call in an emergency and ONLY in an emergency!!!

- Your house is on fire
- Your having a heartattack
- Someone is breaking into your house

However, in the last few years it seems people think they can call 911 for almost any problem they have. (Examlpe below)

2.) A kick-ass porche sports car.

3.) Also refers to September 11th.
1.) 911: 911, whats your emergency?
Crazy Chick: Ya, I'm at McDonalds and they told me there out of chciken nuggets, but I know thier lieing.
911: Oh my god...

2.) A 911 porche.

3.) Terroists attacked America on 911 (9-11-01)
by Dewit June 01, 2009
The 'oh shit' button.
I just killed my girlfriend!! Imma call 911!
by Me47 June 12, 2010

1. A grand finale to strip tease and pole dance routines performed by only the raunchiest of bar whores, a "911" is when a women takes two towering dildos on stage and makes them both disappear.
Q: "Did you see that last dancer pull that 911?"

A: "Yeah. God bless America."
by billebllunt May 11, 2014
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