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When Al Qaeda terrorist bastards hijacked planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and nearly the White Whouse. Over 2,000 innocent Americans died that day.
Remember 9/11.
by never forget September 10, 2012
A 9/11 is a sex act in which a man violently and unexpectedly inserts his penis into the anus of his sex partner. This may occur during or outside consensual intercourse.
When I asked Maria why she broke up with Stanley, she said that he gave her a 9/11 after a night of drinking.
by FetusDestroyer June 17, 2012
November the 9th in some countries
-"dude, when in November is that damn biology test?"
-"i think its on 9/11"
by SareehTube May 25, 2010
9/11 marked the begining of what george bush senior calls "new world order". 9/11 was an inside job and was planned and executed by members of the busch administration, cia, military and other government agencies. i know this sounds crazy but think about it. how could 19 towel heads take over 4 planes, TURN OFF COURSE FOR ALMOST AN HOUR,manage to waltz into the most protected airspace on the planet ( the pentagon ), and just manage to fly planes into buildings without being intercepted by military jets. seriously, theres so much more to it. i suggest you watch "Loose Change Final Cut" or "9/11 Ripple Effect" both found on google video. doesn't matter what your beleifs are, watch these vids and you will see that 9/11 wasn't as advertized.
- 2 drone (fake/disguised) planes with extra equipment attached to the bottom possibly a missle or a pod hit wtc buildings 1 and 2.
- the pentagon was not hit by a plane, but evidence leads to the possibility of a cruise missle
- plane headed for the white house was being tracked by the military but then overthrown by passengers and purposely crashed it into the ground as a sacrifice. although theres no plane to be found in the crater, just tiny bits of plane spread over an 8 mile radius. shot down? dick cheney says no, evidence and common sense says ya.
- 9/11 was a pretext for invading afghanistan and iraq, the government lied about weapons of mass destruction and terrorists. why are we in the middle east fighting?
by KK33VVIINN April 04, 2008
verb, pronounciation (to nine-eleven): to lie to somebody, partially telling the truth with the purpose of deceiving somebody.
When your girlfriend comes back from a holliday, and you suspect her of cheating on you, you say:

Listen up, you better tell me what happened and don't even try to 9/11 me!
by ErikZ October 14, 2006
national bring your plane to work day
guy 1: "Hey, you know it's national bring your plane to work day on 9/11"
guy 2: "Yeah? Where do you work?"
guy1: "World trade center"
by rapey maximus September 11, 2010
The act of commandeering an aircraft in online Battlefield 3 matches with the deliberate intention of crashing them into the enemy base. Preferably jumping out at the last minute saving yourself but dooming everyone else to a fiery death.
"I'm flying this jet New York style, prepare to jump as I'm 9/11-ing this bad boy right into their base."

"Did you see that? Just totally 9/11-end like 3 people"
by lordbattfield3 December 07, 2011