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killer tune by tommy tutone which was number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982, which caused extensive prank calling by people with no life other than to phone numbers they heard in a song. also has numerous pop culture references including family guy, the simpsons, the colbert report and a 2004 cingular wireless commercial. covered by several artists
i got your number on the wall, for a good time, for a good time call 867 5309
by littlerudegirl December 09, 2006
Jenny's phone number!
Joe: Jenny, whats your number?
Jenny: 867-5309
by ALIZA!!! August 09, 2004
One of the most famous telephone numbers in the world. Made famous by the 1980's song by Tommy Tutone. The number is a favorite among phreaks, prank callers, college students, or anyone else looking to raise some hell.
I called 867-5309 in my area code, and I got the Suicide Prevention Hotline.
by Qbert June 20, 2005
a number in a song by: Tommy Twotone
Jenny I got your number,I need to make you mine, Jenny don't change your number, 8675309.
by ITaliANhOTTie98 June 25, 2006
Jennys number in the famous Tommy Tutone song.
I got it! I got it!!!
by Zach G. January 02, 2004
jennys number spread publicly by tommy tutone
jenny i got your number. i need to make you mine. jenny don't change your number. 8675309
by Dominick LaValle December 09, 2007
A number you give someone if you really dont want them to have you number
"That nerd over there asked for my number so i gave her 867-5309"
by JackMaster427 March 11, 2010