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Active ingredient found in Benadryl and over the counter sleep aids such as Nytol or Unisom. Can be used recreationally if taken in doses exponentially higher than recommended. When abused, people take up to 30+ the recommended dose. When taken in high doses symptoms include auditory, tactile, and visual hallucinations, tachychardia (increased heart rate), dry mouth, ringing in ears, impaired motor control, increased or difficulty urinating, constipation or diarrhea, rapid respiration, extreme drowsiness, impaired memory, upset stomach, possible anxiety, burning and redness in eyes, impaired concentration, dilated puils and general dreamlike feeling. Not recommended to be used in combination with alcohol or depressants as symptoms are intensified and overdose is a risk. Really not very good for you and the high isn't that fun but you'll probably take it anyway.
She sat in her room all night and ate a pack of Benadryl so she could get high on the diphenhydramine.

by littlerudegirl December 08, 2006
slang term used to describe people who stay up for days on crystal meth and tech out, doing stuff like taking things apart into little tiny pieces, drawing intricate designs, obsessively cleaning or performing other repetitive and pointless tasks with an intensity that is typical of meth users.
He's techin out again with the rest of the warriors.

This town is full of jib tech warriors
by littlerudegirl November 17, 2006
killer tune by tommy tutone which was number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982, which caused extensive prank calling by people with no life other than to phone numbers they heard in a song. also has numerous pop culture references including family guy, the simpsons, the colbert report and a 2004 cingular wireless commercial. covered by several artists
i got your number on the wall, for a good time, for a good time call 867 5309
by littlerudegirl December 09, 2006
The annoying principal from ferris bueller's day off who was convicted of coercing a fourteen year old boy to pose for naked pictures. Jeffrey was subsequently made to join the national sex offender's register.
Jeffrey Jones is a pathetic excuse for a human being.
by littlerudegirl December 09, 2006
slang term referring to crystal meth, especially in circumstances when the speaker only wishes to be understood by specific people.
looks like the colonel gave us a pretty small bucket of chicken

Go see the colonel and get some chicken
by littlerudegirl November 17, 2006

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