To 86 something is to discard it.
This was originally used in a car ad in southern california for Cal Worthington cars. It was used to promote a sale of the 87 models. The ad phrase was: "We are going to 86 the 87's."
We will 86 the 87's.
by john miller May 13, 2004
The state of being totally inebriated.
"You don't remember fucking Jennifer?"

"No man, I was totally 86'd!"
by rararajaj October 23, 2003
position 69 with a fat chick.
she's so plump! I just gotta 86 her
by giblets January 13, 2004
I think the origin of the term 86ed refers to the Empire State Building in New York. The observation deck (which for a period of time was a popular suicide jump point)is on the 86th floor. In reference to the deaths, the term 86ed came to be used.
A suicide from the observation deck was referred to as having 86ed himself.
by Brian April 25, 2005

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