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i love u... get it?
8 letters
3 words
1 meaning
"shout out to scott! 831 babe!"
by jaydee April 08, 2003
To be a Jaydee is to be reallie reallie coooll nd pimpp :) ahahaa.. if yhure called Jaydee yhure coooll =D ahahass..
if someone says "Yo wuddup Jaydee" its like "hii pimpp :)" HAHAHAA.. nammer viieett pridee nigggarrrr :D
by Jaydee February 22, 2005
1. a word that replaces pretty much anything (ex: cool, wow, he, she, it, hi, um, whoa, buddy)
2. a word used wen the other person is being so stupid there is nothing else to say
1. duuude!
2. dude...
by jaydee October 03, 2003
To be a brainyakzz is like to be reallie reallie extremeelieee pimpp, coooll, nd sexxxieee :D ahahahass..
fi someone goes.. "yo mah hommiee.. brainyakzz :)" they meann.. "i luv yhu gangstarr =) yhure sooo pimp!" LOL.. hahaa
by Jaydee February 22, 2005
chopstickz is coooll nd pimpp :) thats all yhu need to noee.. hahaa
chopstickz is too cooll for an example. too bad :)
by Jaydee February 22, 2005
number 2 on the yankees; an unbelievably hott guy wit gorgeous eyes
dude check out jeter's ass
by jaydee October 17, 2003

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