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COMPLETE BULLSHIT. I have lived in various areas of the 757 for 12 years of my life. This place is full of faggot, fake-ass gangsters, horrible neighborhoods(most places), fucktards better known as "wiggers", and loads of drughead hardasses that think they're cool. I've had well over $1000 worth of stuff stolen from me and dealt with retarded so-called "gangster" poser-ass bitches my whole time living there. On a better note, however, Mike's Surf Shop kicks ass, Chenello's pizza is FUCKING AMAZING, there are some killer waves at Sandbridge, and I could ride freestyle BMX all day through Northampton. LONG LIVE TOMMY AND RUMBLE:D
Person 1: Who wants to go to the 757 with me this weekend?
Person 2: Hell no. I'll keep my wallet, just bring me back a Chenello's pizza. AND DON'T FORGET THE SAUCE!!!!!
by ZioThr33 June 24, 2011
an airplane that is skinny. nicknamed "stick insect" it was made by boeing.also very cute lookin once u et over the hate for first time. people like it after theyve hated it.
did hear jason's gonna fly on that "stickinsect" (757).
by shaza January 22, 2007
hell on earth
person one "dude, whys does it smell like shit?"

persons two "dude, 757 it always smells like shit"
by lukas podolski July 10, 2008
The plane that Airbus stole the A321 from; replacement for the 727 (odd size-change) but with circa 50+ seats for economics.
Although these 757's sure have power, the A321 holds more technological cabin features thus making it inferior.
by Food11 June 26, 2005