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1 definition by babyboy134

the best place to live

- your parents can shop @ mcaurthur
- while you have a party in

A) your more than half or one million dollar suburban home
B) you can shoot people up in your hood
- people can party in downtown norfolk and va beach
- va beach
- lots of hotels for quick hookups @ oceanside
- clean(enough)
- black people hoods
- white people (wangster) hoods
- designated spots where mexican people hang out (usually in white peoples yards or a certain subdivison in dwntwn portsmouth) not racist, only true
- kickass weather (to locals it sucks, cause its so damn bipolar) but to bitches in tornadoe alley, its pretty sweet.
- lots of chinese people to sell you fish (but the best fish is between your moms legs)

- and eveeeeeeeeeeerything else that makes the 757 amazing
Sally- Hey Jane, We're moving to Chesapeake, Virginia
Jane- Well why?!

Sally- Because It's a great place to raise kids!

DeQuan- ey, letz hittup dat JW tanight, ight?

JaShaun- ganster call fo sho, mayn i kno da best gun shop in da 757

George- Yes, many many corporate jobs here in Hampton Roads.

Bill- Yeah, that's for sure. Biggest shipbuilding area
by babyboy134 June 27, 2009