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DFW has the TrAAin not the "TrAAm" get it right! ****TrAAin!!!****... A friendly big airport that always has delays during which you can ride around on AA's TrAAin and kill some time until it breaks down on you like it always does and your stuck there for 20 minutes killing more time. Sometimes, the TrAAin just stops working before you even get on it :( in which case prepare to be directed by angry fat people to the moving walkways.
DFW is replacing their world-class TrAAin from 1912 with the new SkyLink/SkyTrain whatever in July 2005.
by Food11 June 26, 2005
The plane that Airbus stole the A321 from; replacement for the 727 (odd size-change) but with circa 50+ seats for economics.
Although these 757's sure have power, the A321 holds more technological cabin features thus making it inferior.
by Food11 June 26, 2005

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