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3 definitions by shaza

To get hit by a heavyhanded person or a black person.
person1: Don't make me blackslap you
person2:wtf?!go on
*person 2 gets blackslapped*
person1:I told you not to make me do it
by shaza January 24, 2007
a bum basically. person living off scraps in da streets.
hey look over there chantelle's a hobo. shes gonna get hobo of da yr.
by shaza January 22, 2007
an airplane that is skinny. nicknamed "stick insect" it was made by boeing.also very cute lookin once u et over the hate for first time. people like it after theyve hated it.
did hear jason's gonna fly on that "stickinsect" (757).
by shaza January 22, 2007