666 was a number used in the book of revealtions to symbolise the number of the beast, it is also refered to as the letters of someone’s name or title, identifying the Antichrist.
This is all bull crap because when you study into the bible you don't take things as literal as fundamentlists and noobs. Because of incorrect translations the original number 616 was accidently reformed into the number 666 in the newer texts. During the origins of the apocalyptic writings, the romans were still in power and because of this The emperors were noted for their oppression of both Jews and early Christians. Both communities were known to use numerology, codes and symbols when living under Roman rule to avoid persecution and they according to the translation of 616 the name came up to be 'NERO' a roman emperor, other than this the term 'beast' and can only refer to a Roman emperor, specifically known as Domitian, and also because he had reigned during the proposed time of origin of the Apocalyptic writings, in addition his nickname beast was wideley known by the Romans, Greek, Christians and Jews.
by Tuan.n May 23, 2007
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The Mark of the beast, and the men who follow the beast of the earth will bear this mark to display their allegiance to the beast. It has been disputed by some scholars that certain numeric ciphers would translate it over to certain words, names, etc... For example, one of the more popular translations was Nero Caesar, and before that, Lateinos, etc...

"...And that number is 666."

Widely implied that it was 666 because it was an imperfect number to represent the impurities of man and their evildoings and sinful ways.

Read the book of revelations, at the end of the New Testament; it tells all about that, the seven seals, the apocalypse, Armageddon, Megiddo, etc...
666 is NOT the number of Satan. 666 is best described as a number of lawlessness, secularity, atheism, and sin - all things which many members of the human race indulge in. Emblazing the numbers "666" on your skin or affixing it to your screen name does not make you a Satanist - it makes you look like a fucking retard!
by TheTruth March 24, 2004
666 Six hundred and sixty six. The number before 667 and after 665. You will get to this number if you keep counting. Nothing but a number. also expressed as 1010011010 or 29A.
i saw 666 on my door oh god i'm so scared ! mamma mia!
by Xhamlliku October 29, 2004
something you do not yell in the middle of church.
"The word of the devil has spoken. 666! 666! 666!"
by Randi March 27, 2004
The number of the Beast/Anti Christ...usually used by trendy goth 14 year olds who want to seem evil.
That goth kid wrote 666 on his backpack, what a retard.
by yeah May 16, 2003
Retarded schoolkids shout this at me in the street. I think it means "Hello, please take my bag and throw it into the road!"

So I oblige.
Child: Arggghhh, me mobile, me westwood choons!!

Me:(Smiles with quiet satisfaction at a job well done.)
by Skeletal Munchkin February 11, 2005
666, the number of the beast.

664, the bloke next door.
/Iron Maiden shirt
by MetalMoe April 20, 2004
The Mark of the Beast
by Anonymous January 13, 2003

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