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666 Six hundred and sixty six. The number before 667 and after 665. You will get to this number if you keep counting. Nothing but a number. also expressed as 1010011010 or 29A.
i saw 666 on my door oh god i'm so scared ! mamma mia!
by Xhamlliku October 29, 2004
Nihilist, a person whose motto is
"The point is: there is no point"

A true nihilist doesn't like to destroy because by doing so he is not gaining anything because there is nothing to gain. So those who try to destroy aren't true nihilists.
Heidegger was a nihilist

I don't believe in god i'm a nihilist.
by Xhamlliku November 03, 2004
gunbound, a popular game amongst idiots, who think it's the best thing that's ever happened to their lives. a friend of mine showed it to me and i got hooked for a while, now it's been 1 year i haven't played. retarded game.
personA: press start you idiot
newb: jajaja estupido, ta mare !!!!
personA: fuk you man , latino pussy..
personB: peru suks la !
by Xhamlliku October 28, 2004
short for second. Used when in a hurry.
Slut- Do you have a condom?
Mofo- One sec bitch ... shit it's broken.
by Xhamlliku November 23, 2004

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