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Being with a 2 sets of couples while being the only one with no person to hold or cuddle, kinda in the way but are not
Susan So you, I & Ryan, Rebecca & Bill going to the movies tonight?
Chantelle Yea but I hate being the 5th Wheel -__-
#5th wheel #wheel #5th #5 wheel #5 #weel #fifth wheel #fifth
by MaR9 October 12, 2007
This is slang for weed that is between schwag and chronic in quality. This weed is also known as 50, because it is $50 per quarter, which is where 5th Wheel derived from.
"I can't fuck with that reggie, that shit makes my head hurt. Get at me when you get some 5th Wheel."
#50 #mid-grade #mids #pot #middies
by IIG September 18, 2008
The dude thats coming when they already have enough people. The dick just won't leave!!!!!!!!111ONE
First guy: Ok, I'm going with my girlfriend to see this really cool new band!
5th wheel: Awesome! Can I come?
First guy: erm...
#dick #5th #wheel #loser #acid
by Lando-Commando October 10, 2007
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