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Claiming a gang set but not being official yet.
Me: What's poppin Mu, 252 Murda gang 550
B Brazy: Trillz lil homie when u bangin home, we gotta get u real right

Me: What's up fellow memember of the murda set, i bang muda but i am not official
B Brazy: That's wassup, when are u going to become official, we gotta get u official
by B-Murda May 16, 2008
550 means you neautral
if you not a blood and if you not a crip, then you 550 (NEUTRAL)
by MyPs3DunWorkSon November 16, 2007
A Neutral; Blood Gang Associate
I Aint Blood Im 5-50
by Du$t January 07, 2009
5% brain, $50 Haircut
1: Look at Bob, that boy is lost and has no clue.
2: Definitely a 5-50.

(Heard on Ed Shultz show)
by MapsStar October 18, 2010