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A term, which came about in the 1800's, however became popular with soldiers in the Second World War.

A knee knocker is a specific act of casual sex, usually performed in an alley beside or behind a pub/bar/tavern.

The act is performed standing up, with the woman secured against a wall with a combination of the mans upper body and holding her buttocks. The womans legs, usually wrapped around his waist.

This unusual position, whilst having sex results in the knees of the male regularly knocking together (often with some force), hence the term.

Also refer to the term 'knee trembler'.

Grandfather: "Whats the name of that young lady you went to the movies with last night?"
Grandson: "Michelle."
Grandfather: "Arrgh, I met a girl when I was serving in France, called Michelle. We had a knee knocker behind a cafe in Rennes."
by Bucko_NZ November 06, 2007
Someone who assumes that a device or particular piece of technology that they own, is either suffering or will suffer a fault or known issue.

Often a technochondriac will read an article on a device they own and will find out a number of 'known faults' and will then expect their device to suffer the same issues - sometimes telling people that it currently does, in anticipation.

A technochondriac is also prone to confusing their lack of product knowledge with a fault. Very common in those that a middle aged.
Dad: "So son, how you enjoying that new Nokia N82 that I bought you. I'm really liking mine!"
Son: "Yeah, its cool now that I've flashed the unit with the latest version 11 firmware - that fixed the 'camera freeze' issue that I was experiencing. All good now."
Dad: "Yeah, I'm having that same fault so I must get around to updating mine."
Son: "Ummm... no your not. You are such a technochondriac - you just keep forgetting to open the camera shutter causing that slight delay. Your phone is fine!"
by Bucko_NZ March 08, 2008
6 o'clock hot is where the temperature is so high, you can't do anything until 6:00pm in the evening - you just want to lay low and as close to air conditioning as possible!

Cedric The Entertainer often uses this expression to describe the Southern states of the USA.
Dave: "It's pretty warm, ain't it?"
Mike: "Sure is - it's 6 o'clock hot"
by Bucko_NZ February 20, 2008
A term used to indicate that someone is unbalanced and/or needs to seek medical attention for a mental disorder.

550 First Avenue is the location of the New York University Department of Psychiatry - one of the largest psychiatry faculties of any department in the United States. Whether the subject is neuropsychiatry or psychoanalysis, psychopharmacology or behavorial therapy, positron emission tomography or epidemiology, child psychiatry or geriatric psychiatry, there is an expert in this field.
Dave: "Did you see John last night - acting all weird? The guy is losing it!"
Bob: "Yep, we'll be sending his Christmas card to 550 First Avenue soon enough."
by Bucko_NZ September 12, 2007
A term used to indicate that someone is unbalanced and/or needs to seek medical attention for a mental disorder.

This term is a play on 'Vanity Fair', which is a very popular American magazine of culture, fashion, and politics published by Condé Nast Publication - known for interesting/controversial pictorials and cover photos (hence the the way it's used - see example).
Dave: "Did you see John last night - acting all weird? The guy is losing it!"
Bob: "Yep, I don't think we'll be seeing him on the cover of 'Sanity Fair' anytime soon."
by Bucko_NZ March 27, 2008
A threesome between a hetrosexual couple and a third-party, where the third-party only ever interacts with one member of the couple who is of the same sex. Essentially giving one person in the partnership a bisexual experience.

Named after the character Ross Geller from from the sit-com 'Friends', when Ross proudly proclaims to Joey, that he had a threesome with his wife and her freind. However after additional discussion realises it wasn't much of a threesome at all as he didn't get to touch the other woman.

Barry and Julie, decide to have a Rossway with Julie's friend Claire. Barry doesn't get to (or isn't allowed to) "play" with Julie at all.
by Bucko_NZ August 19, 2007
H.F.B. is an acronym for either 'Holiday Fuck Buddy' or 'Hometwon Fuck Buddy'.

Your H.F.B. is someone that you casually have sex with, when visiting your hometown, usually when you are on holiday and/or visiting your parents.

Quite often the HFB is someone you dated while at high school, but not always the case.

What is particularly different about the HFB, from the normal fuck buddy, is that due to the close friendship which exists, this "arrangement" can often last for many, many years even when one or both people are married.
Dave: "So Mike, what did you get up to on your long weekend?"
Mike: "Went back home and caugt up with my folks. Managed to nail my H.F.B. a few times while I was there..."
by Bucko_NZ February 07, 2008

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