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A patrol car. Back then all cops in parts of the California district drove 5.0 engine Mustangs.
They threw him in the 5-O now he doing 25 to life and trying to survive yo.

-Tupac song
by Makaveli Shakur October 12, 2007
a patrol car.

Orgin: late 80's Cali.

back then all police cars at one time where Mustangs, 5.0 engine model, on the front and side of the car it read in chrome letters the engine model. 5.0.

it refers to the car they patrol in.

now it also refers to the police officer himself.
"5-O keeps making rounds through my neighborhood like we are causing problems".
by Lec2 February 09, 2003
a type of sk8board grind when ur front is up and ur balancing on the back truck
fred 5-0 grinded the stairs
by joe yabeefski June 29, 2003
slang for cops cause one hand has five fingers the other hand makes an o showing that cops dont have dicks and canft fuck there wives
run its da 50
by mijit March 19, 2004