The police. 5-O is the type of engine that police cars use.
"Hey lets get the fuck out of here the 5-O is coming!!"
by Vivianna April 03, 2008
An extremely cheap, pretty harsh vodka. Usually the cheapest you can find, stands for 5 - o clock.
(guy): Man that vodka was dank.

(other guy): Fuck no, that was 5-O.
by Walshyy March 03, 2009
a type of sk8board grind when ur front is up and ur balancing on the back truck
fred 5-0 grinded the stairs
by joe yabeefski June 29, 2003
slang for cops cause one hand has five fingers the other hand makes an o showing that cops dont have dicks and canft fuck there wives
run its da 50
by mijit March 19, 2004

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