The police, A Squad Car, Uniformed Officer.
"5-0 nugga, Double-Up"
by Tha Bean December 03, 2003
In 1982, Ford reintroduced a high-performance Mustang GT which opened the door for an entirely new era of the muscle car. Wringing a then-respectable 157 hp from its "5.0" (actually 4.94 L, 302 in³) Windsor V8.

The "5.0" Mustangs, cars that gave birth to an entire aftermarket performance industry, continue to remain extremely popular today.

Pronounced "five point oh."
Vannilla Ice: "Rollin' in my 5.0 with the ragtop down so my hair can blow"
by Van Buren January 23, 2006
the police force.
'those fat ass 50 mutha fuckers wont be able to scale that fence'
by MC Boonge August 13, 2003
Duck! 5.0!
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
It is not fromm 5.0 Crown Victoria. It is from Hawaii 5-0. Meaning police.
we was out on road and 5-0 came and bus' up our shit, an' ting y'naa?
by nopunk December 09, 2003
A cop. If you are doing something illegal , or something the cops might think is illegal, yell this to get your friends a head up and scatter the fuck out. ( if you are too intoxicated to tell if you are doing something illegal, just yell 5-0 anyway.

rules for this word,
1- dont say it unless the cops are there,
2- if the cops are at the cars, yell SHIT 5-0 AT THE CARS HIT THE WOODS!!
3- if you are black, you really need to run, in fact, try a hommie so you dont get caught, cause cops love to beat black asses.
SHIT! 5 0 5 0 Run for your lives, and get that dime pack for they see it!

50 at the cars!!! SHIT run for your lives!

FUCK!!!!!! 5 0!!! hit the deck!

by Gangsta Stoner January 30, 2008
da mutha fuckin police
"da 5-0 be doin hella much. dey b tryna get hyphy"
by baby gurl lia May 03, 2006
Fictional State Police of Hawaii, named for Hawaii being the fiftieth state of the Union.
you better scram before 5-0 shows up.
by Mr_Limpet March 02, 2010
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