A system designed to give power to all four wheels of the vehicle to give it traction in adverse conditions (such as in a blizzard, or off road).

A common misconception is that a 4x4, loud, large and guzzles gas, this is not true. There have been vehicles in the history of 4x4s that are tiny, like the Suzuki Samurai.

Some urbanized areas will have 4x4 vehicles that are never actually used in the conditions that they were designed for.

The first practical 4x4 vehicle was the Willy's Jeep, created by the United States in World War 2. It was powered by a Ford flathead inline four engine. Later variations, like the Land Rover soon followed in it's path, sharing it's chassis.

Without Willy's Overland, Ford and the need for a smaller, faster all wheel driven vehicle, the 4x4 would not have been built in a manner that small vehicles can use it.
Some 4x4 buyers use them in constant off road conditions, while other 4x4 buyers choose not to take their investment into conditions where it can get heavily damaged and/or tottaled.
by Supa Cab February 23, 2006
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Badass vehicles that can go anywhere, including mud, ponds, or anywhere off road. For some reason usually puchased by suburbians that will never need them. Even though usually with poor gas mileage, still useful when you live off county roads or moving large amounts of livestock feed.
Person 1: hey, nice 4x4
Person 2: yea, i drive it to the my job at JC Pennys every day
Person 1: what, never take it 4 wheeling?
Person 2: of course not! it might get dirty!
by sneakysnake April 08, 2008
A simple maths equation that equals 16.
Elementary maths equation: 4x4=16
by Chromium van Uraniumstein May 24, 2006
n. a short fat chick, four feet tall and four feet wide
Check out the 4 X 4, if she trips shes just gonna roll.
by Webster Papadopolous July 11, 2004
pronounced "four-be-four"

The type of woman who has four children from four different partners, e.g. Ulrika Jonsson.
Honestly, I wouldn't touch her with yours mate, she's a dirty, rottentroll, 4x4, butterface.
by conciliation March 09, 2009
a vehicle that if drivien makes you better than any tree hugging fucker
nice to drive past an environmental bastard as they look at you in disgust

as you are bigger you DO! own the road

by hairyguy4 June 18, 2008
A legendary sandwich from the secret menu of the great In-N-Out Burger chain. 4 all-beef patties, 4 slices of cheese.

Bonus: Don't forget to try "Animal Style"
I just at a whole 4x4!
by Mr. X August 01, 2005
The ultimate explanation of why hell would be crowded if it actually existed.
We know we are killing the planet by using a small car but lots of us still choose to drive a 4x4 which makes absolutely sure of f*&king it. It's like punching a granny once you have already robbed her. What nasty selfish bastards we truly are.
by Tony221268 March 06, 2007
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