The act of giving oral sex while having pop rocks in your mouth
I gave Tonqueesha some pop rocks and told her to give me a 4th of July!
by Golerina January 12, 2008
The day you're allowed to shoot fireworks at your mom and not get in trouble for it.
Bob - Happy 4th of july
Bob - *Lights bottlerocket, waits for the fuse to be short, aim at mom.*
Mom - ladddy daah
Bottle rocket - BOOOOOOOOOOM
Mom - *Runs in the same spot screaming*
by Dani3lBr00tality June 10, 2008
i kick ass song by shooter jennings about a time in his life when him and his g/f or wife (i'm not sure which)were traveling
You were pretty as can be, sitting in the front seat
Looking at me, telling me you love me, and your happy to be,
With me on the 4th of July
We sang Stranglehold to the stereo
Couldn't take no more of that rock n roll
So we put on a little George Jones and just sang along
by j.peazy April 16, 2007
4th of July is a birthday date
Gina Lollobrigida (actress), Louis B. Meyer (Film Executive)
and Neil Simon (Playwright) were born on 4th of July
by St. Ias September 29, 2005
It's when illegal Mexican invaders set off illegal Chinese fireworks to celebrate America's alleged freedom.
The 4th of july is a fraud to say the least.
by freedom is dead as a dead cat October 21, 2005
Just another regular day. Fuck Patriotism.
I sat at home on the 4th of July doing my regular duties, while some obese nationalistic fucktards were rejoicing on the other side of the Atlantic.
by Reju January 04, 2006
Interdependence Day!

It's the day when Mexicans set off Chinese fireworks to celebrate YOUR lack of freedom.
Sieg Heil Comrades!

Hail Santa!

Hail Marx!

Hail Stalin!

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