The sphincter of the internet.
Where integrity goes to die.
...look, another anonymous middle aged fucktwit on 4Chan posted some more pics of cartoon babies having sex...
by FlowersInMidgar October 24, 2006
an overrated and hyped-up website, 4chan mostly consists of a bunch of dorks (who are all anonymous since there are no registered usernames) posting boring pictures of anime and naked chicks.
after reading the top definition on urban dictionary, i thought i was going to be awestruck by 4chan. instead i discovered it to be lame and uninteresting.
by bumbleclot February 12, 2009
A bunch of hackers, furries and loners (usually not by choice) who think they invented every internet meme there ever was.
See any meme, then look on /b/ Someone will take credit for it. Fuck 4Chan
by Fuckuintheface December 01, 2009
Possibly the end of the internet, or source, or center, or beginning. Everything you can ever think of is found here, whether you want it to be or not. This website is slowly dominating pop culture and the world. Several rules are often followed when entering 4chan (they are the rules of the internet, unsurprisingly invented for, at, and by 4chan):

1. Do not talk about /b/.
2. DO NOT talk about /b/.
3. We are Anonymous.
34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.

These people are the society of the nobodies. They are the middle generation, born to go nowhere and do nothing with their lives. Their form of therapy? 4chan.
1 - "So my good friend told me about this website he goes to. It's called 4chan or something."
2 - "You poor soul."
by Mr. Awesome Guy October 16, 2009
A place where eunuchs congregate to curse at and insult each other. Basically a hangout for the mentally retarded and socially outcast.
Guy 1: I went to 4chan's random base and people were posting pics of guys sucking their own dicks.

Guy 2: That's fuckin' faggotry shit, yo.

Guy 3: No fuckin' shit.
by Dude Regular March 03, 2011
2chan's American cousin. An image board where equally wonderful and horrible pictures are posted constantly. Stay out of /b/ until /g/ is restored.
For god, for country, 4chan.
by Raijin Z March 27, 2004
Also known as the asshole of the internet. There is so much shit on this website, that if you continuously refresh your browser, you will see some random ass entry even stupider than the last. This site is divided up into approximately 485785786785476 sections, each with its own random abbreviation. For example the section titled "Random" is abbreviated as "/b/".......... why the fuck this is, we dont know.
4chan is the most ridiculously ridiculous site you will find out there. if your bored out of your skull and need a quick laugh, go to this site right fricken now.
One of the best damn imageboards there ever was.
God bless moot, and 4chan.
by Ghost Freeman June 20, 2004

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