Peachy hell
4chan is peachy hell. It's delicious at first, then the pit explodes in your face and you wake up missing a kidney.
by Wuadada June 18, 2009
A group of internet elitists having a circle jerk on a badly designed pile of links.
Anonymous: lol we r so leet rite
Anonymous: ya ttly dood wer awsum
Anonymous: kooliez lol
Anonymous: ya 4chan ftw lol wut??!1
by 07734 November 10, 2007
Some place where little weaboo fags go to pretend they are a part of Anonymous and act like they are interwebs hotshots, also hot shitz. Just because you are anonymous over the internet doesnt mean you ARE anonymous. When president bush goes on the internet, is he anonymous? No. 4chan is a cesspool where little weaboo's go to get preyed upon by child molestys. They think they are hotshots because they get to say naughty dirty racist things on the interwebs and post gross pics (most of which are fake) because they are too fucking weak to unleash their pathetic racist sexist thoughts in real life. The site 4chan is hyped as being this great place where a lot of the internet memes are invented. It seems more to me like a place where internet memes go to die, and also a place where ALL the people who dont and will never understand ANY of the internet memes go to hang out. It is just some hyped website, that in reality is fairly indecipherable and everyone just talks about themselves. Probably because themselves is the only person they have talked to/had sex with in the past year.
There is no example, it's just a bunch of random shit.

by thetruth. August 29, 2008
A gay website containing gay pictures e.g. goatse. The creators of 4chan are nothing but fucking faggots.

P.S. 4chan sucks cock!
I fucking hate 4chan.
by wills0 June 22, 2010
If the internet was a human being. 4chan would be the ass.
4chan is very stupid, but funny, at times.
by monkeymandogthing April 19, 2010
Over-rated and Over-hyped image board, christians seem to think it's satans playground and the users seem to think they are part of an internet underworld, neither is true.
The posts range from childish anime to sexually related images to .. just about anything with replies ranging from "FAP FAP FAP" to "no GTFO".
Post's are made under the name Anonymous and typical age seems so be mid teens and people with the mental age of a mid teen oh ... and peado's and people who desperatly want to be cool but fail.
Taken directly from a 4chan post:

Guy 1: Well hello
I was trying to find the scariest game ever but after looking the scariest shit seems to be somewhere between Alien versus predator 2 and system shock
That's crap
Give me the scariest fucking game of all time and space

Guy2: Bumpity Bump
by AKA Anonymous April 23, 2009
an overrated and hyped-up website, 4chan mostly consists of a bunch of dorks (who are all anonymous since there are no registered usernames) posting boring pictures of anime and naked chicks.
after reading the top definition on urban dictionary, i thought i was going to be awestruck by 4chan. instead i discovered it to be lame and uninteresting.
by bumbleclot February 12, 2009

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