Sexual information about someone that often gets passed on from person to person.
Did you hear the 411 on Linda. She gave Jack a blowjob.
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by The Fury 13 November 01, 2010
1. A series of skateboarding videos.
2. To get the "low down" or be given information.
1."Wanna watch some 411, Volume 33.
2 "I got the 411 on this shit and it sounds like good stuff."
by Diego June 27, 2003
411, a name of an older popular stationwagon VW from the 60's.
Man, you just rebuilt the engine from your 411? Slick.
by Rob Osterman March 09, 2004
411 = ALL in the 1337 (Leet) Language.

Get the all on something, the downlow on a situation.

all the Information you need for something.
Ok Kim Possible, I need the 411 on what information you have discovered on your secret mission so I can analyze it on my supercomputer to help find out who is behind the crime.
by neosmurfay February 11, 2005
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