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The third generation of Honda Accords. These models were produced from 1986 to 1989. 3geez come in DX, LX, LX-i, SE-i, and exclusive EX-i (Canadian version only). is full of the best information on the 3rd Generation Accord. Come check us out!
Dam that 3geez is hot
by nadz April 26, 2004
(thre-ge-z) 1. A 3rd Generation Accord enthusiast forum. 2. Refering to a group of 3gee Accords. 3. The plural form of 3gee
How many 3geez have you owned?
by A20A1 May 08, 2005
They are all really really slow
Its umm, slow.Kinda like a 90 year old in West Palm Beach
by kroy July 22, 2004
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