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3 definitions by A20A1

(thre-ge-z) 1. A 3rd Generation Accord enthusiast forum. 2. Refering to a group of 3gee Accords. 3. The plural form of 3gee
How many 3geez have you owned?
by A20A1 May 08, 2005
(pre-tek) 1. Refering to a boost in performance equivalent to that of V-tec but dervived from Honda engineering prior to the use of V-tec. 2. A spoof of the word V-tec.
My Honda is equipt with Pre-tec.
by A20A1 May 08, 2005
(a-twen'te-a-wun) 1. The engine code given to a 2bbl carbureted motor found in the 1986-1989 Honda Accord. 2. One whom gains satisfaction from owning and working on what some consider an underdog of Honda motors. : Related words : Pre-tec
I need help fixing my A20A1.
by A20A1 May 08, 2005