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Japanese slang for "ménage à trois" / "threesome".
That hentai _Consenting Adultery_ has some great 3P action.
by DocWatson April 25, 2008
Chinese meaning for Threesome or Manage A Twat.
I had a 3P with 2 hot girls last night.
by AKCindy February 09, 2007
Triple penetration.
Jenna Haze 3p
by Guzinya June 21, 2011
3P - A 3 song collection of music released in 3 to 4 month installments. Designed to keep fans engaged on a continuous basis. Originally coined in the music industry book, The New Rockstar Philosophy
Used instead of EP extended play, for albums with only three tracks/songs - 3P
by nukatt1 February 28, 2010

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