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2 definitions by Dragonathan

the word prob is a short word for the word problem,
guy1: hey dude... thanks allot,
guy2: no prob
by Dragonathan November 29, 2011
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3ps means:"third person shooter" this means that the camera is angled to the position where u can see the body of the ingame player character that a player is playing in a shooter game,

the word 3ps is similar like "FPS" which means... "first person shooter" this is where the camera is angled to the view of the player character's eyes, so u can see your hands/arms/ "in newer games"stomach/and leg and feet", just like when u see your body through your eyes, unlike 3ps where u see the the most part of the ingame player's body character a player is playing,
GUY1: what do u prefer? 3ps or fps?
GUY2: i prefer FPS because i get a more clear view infront of me,

GUY1: oh really?
GUY2: yeah its also more realistic and immersive
GUY1: i prefer 3ps because you can see all of the action,
by Dragonathan December 08, 2011
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