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Norwegian slang for the greatest and most legendary class of all times.
Commonly used by teachers when they get a good class: You guys are so 3C!
Also used when celebrating and cheering: 3C! (followed by clapping)
by Rotto October 13, 2011
One who is very greasy or has grease all over there body. This term started in 1987 when a group of boys started to call there Friend 3c or Greeeeesy.
Tom your like 3c.
Who you looking 3c today.
by The Grease Master March 25, 2010
Tends to be friends messing around with someone calling the person 3c or GREASE. The persons real name tends to be Riley or an irish sort of name.
"Look at 3c slide down the hallway hes so greasy"
by YEeeemiddaugh1234 April 06, 2010
Taking a horribly smelly dump and leaving the scene for everyone else to enjoy. 3C is the airplane seat located furthest from the toilet or the safest smell point.
I was going to the bathroom and this fool come running out. I realized he 3C'd the place, so left and waited until we landed.
by D Flo July 28, 2008
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