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The suggested length to claim that your dick measures, when really it's too short to even make it out of the nutsack
30cm : it's the length of my dick.
by Superbo April 16, 2004
Glasgow, Scots.

Synonymous with blowjob
Geez a gonk ye dobber!
by Superbo February 02, 2005
Short for 'dubplates', a type of record used originally by dj's and producers of Jamaican music. They're softer than normal vinyl discs and don't last as long before the needle wears them out. The idea is to 'test' a track on the dancefloor using cheaply made dubplates, before having a more expensive vinyl press of the record made. Now used by producers of hip-hop, garage, drum'n'bass, trance, house, basically any kind of electronic music that people want to dance to, and craved by geeky DJ wannabes of said genres, to impress their eqally geeky non-DJ friends.
Got any new dubs mate?
by Superbo February 21, 2004
adj : the ordinal number of thirty-three in counting order. A comparative number or rank, occuring between 32nd and 34th.
Psy-sci is the 33rd gayest person in history. <3
by Superbo February 02, 2005
The spare skin around the vagina.
No, I can't go out and have fun, I have to take my girlfriend to dinner.
by Superbo February 02, 2005

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