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The year of the Intergalactic Rap Battle.

Also, one of the greatest rap CD's to ever come out.
Yo its 3030, i want ya'll to meet deltron-zero, and automator...
by Ogre October 13, 2004
82 18
3030 Records. Affilated with Sick Wit It Inc. based in Vallejo, Cali. 3030 is home to Turf Talk, The DBz, Poppi Cas, Dirty Cal, The Kabinet & The Factors.
Listen for it in Turf Talk slumps. It comes up. "3030/Sick Wit it"
by Aldoh July 15, 2006
28 11
A large calibre hunting rifle.
Yo, man - that 30-30 packs a punch.
by Time4SumAksion April 04, 2005
27 11