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To cover your whole dick with your forskin then to hide your dick under the flesh of you balls. This makes it look like you have 3 balls....with no dick
I showed my magic trick the 3 ball at a talent show and they were less then impressed
by aye_mate November 19, 2005
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Tribal, prehispanic music genre.
That is 3Ball music
by akro8 January 08, 2013
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A "3 ball" is another way to say 3 some.
Tom: "Yo bro I got told you 3 ball that Vanessa with her cousin"
Bro: "Yeh Tom it was a mad ting, who told you anyway she said keep it a secret"
Tom: "I recorded it and put it on my sc story"
Bro: "You mad guy, shout me out then"
Tom: "Yh yh snm breddrin".
by Diffusionism March 26, 2017
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