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A symbol created to imply the act of anal sexual intercourse.
William: well I'm not homosexual to your dismay

Krishan: oh nicee

William: I just like putting less than signs and 3's next to each other and sending them to people of the same gender

Krishan: LOL i this? 3< 3< 3< ...buttsex? mhmm

William: YES
by CuriousGeorge93 July 24, 2010
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Internet symbol for buttsecks
RandomUser1: So you want to 3<?
RandomUser2: Hell yes!
by George of t3h Jungle December 06, 2007
When a male wants to show that they want to have BUTTSEX with another man/female.

Sir, would you like to 3< with me today after we have dinner?
by Alex The WhiteKid July 11, 2011
it's a special heart symbol that is shared between two people who love each other dearly. it's a symbol that brightens your day and puts a smile on your face. whenever you're down that would be the best symbol for your girlfriend/boyfriend to use. it means more than just the typical "I love you" it means "I love you to infinity and beyond whenever or wherever you may be, our love will be unconditional forever until the end of time"
guy: you're sahhh smelly (: but I still love you 3<
girl: awwww, that really made me smile{:

I love you baylay 3<
by fugly wugly (: May 24, 2011
Internet symbol for a juicy fart
Oh God! - i need to 3< Ah! That's better!
by dikkidido March 03, 2009
Internet symbol for large breasted women
Man you should have seen the bitches at the club last night 3< everywhere.
by d12 July 14, 2005
A bastardization of <3 (love), invented by me
3< makes the world go around, or not
by Fake CJayC January 09, 2004

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