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"touching of other peoples private areas"
Kelsey and her boyfriend got to second base the other day when he went up her shirt and she went down his pants.
by kristy June 30, 2003
2136 684
The shiny (sometimes a little dusty) white square used as a marker in a baseball field.
"Did you hear that Mike and Rachel got to 2nd base yesterday?"
"No way! They were playing baseball yesterday?"
by Tavis September 12, 2006
2307 1278
to touch another's private areas (tits, dick, pussy ect.)
man i got to 2nd base with her
by unknown April 03, 2004
1279 665
touching people's goods
titts, dick, goods, anything you wouldn't try to cover up from your spouse/partner. Alan is two basses from doing his girlfriend, he's already touched her breasts, so he's past 2nd base.
by jannene June 09, 2006
685 621
Pad near the center of a baseball field that batters must step on after before stepping on 3rd Base. In a perverted person's book, its defined as touching other peoples inappropriate places.
Announcer: And the batter circles around the baseball diamond, just leaving 1st Base! ooh He gets tagged out at 2nd Base...

Perverted Fuck: -sniggers-

Sensible Educated Person: Wow...
by Nun Yabeeze Wacks November 30, 2009
289 372
Butt Hole. Not anal, just butt hole.
Josh: Bro I got to 2nd base last night.

Cullen: Nice! Felt her tits?

Josh: Nope. Butt hole.
by Condor69 February 05, 2011
251 355
A male fingering a female, or a female giving a male a hand job.
We went to 2nd Base, give and get.
by LoveDoctor October 02, 2008
225 468