nigga 26s arent for no little kids, they big chrome bigger than you ya heard that
i rolled on some 26s at the club, then i had to jump out the door of my cutlass with a parachute
by Kaczman January 23, 2004
Top Definition
The new 24's... stands for the size of the wheel 26".. usually chrome.. probably has spinners.. probably on a $500 cutlass or caprice.
Fuckass: Yo bro check out these 24's i just got!
Real Playa: Nigga thats weak. Check out this shit I got on my Ride 26's Bitch.
Fuckass: Ah Shit Man.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 14, 2006
Size of wheels usually shown to let people know you have money. Or to show how big your wallet is with how big your wheels are. Seen on all different types of vehicles, but primarily old skools. The bigger the wheels, the more money you have. Kind of like how a Mercedes VS a Rolls Royce in a competetion...24's = Mercedes, 26's = Rolls Royce. The larger the rims, the higher in status you are.

26's are in, 24's are so last year. 20's used to be the big thing...now 26's and 28's and even 30's + are being rode on vehicles. 24's are old news everybody has them. Old skools usually require a 7" - 10" + lift kit to fit rims that are 26" plus. Cars with rims as big as 26's usually sit higher than your average truck. And are often referred to as "Sky-Scrapers" because of how high they sit after putting on such large wheels.
White boy: Yea Yea yo yo yo I got 24's on the cutlass
Gangsta: Maaaane nigga..24's? I got 26's on dat ol' skoo Chevy.. you better step your game up. I'm towering over your ass on them small ass 24's
White boy: Man but I can't afford 26's!
Gangsta: Maaaaane nigga...get out my face fuck boy!...and get your money up!....fuck boy!

"26 inches on my ride, dressed so fly and I'm sitting soo high..you can catch me beating down your block..smoking on that skunk..sitting sideways choppin choppin through ya hood" - Raw Reese
by CeeZizzle February 01, 2010
The size of wheels. They are 26 inches in diameter. Usually they are chrome.
These self proclaimed kings braggin cuz they ON CHROME
But 26's inches is a PRETTY LOW THRONE
by Fanatic212 August 12, 2009
the size of a rim thats put on cars,4 whellers etc.
boy: wat size rims are thoes
man: they are 26's
by Torre mcgee July 02, 2006
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