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Big ass truck. Y'know, one with 18 wheels?
For those of you who invented this language, an H.G.V. with a total of 18 tyres.
'Yo, d'ya see the Kenworth T600 18 Wheeler with all them chicken lights? That rig was PIMPED, dog!'

'Yeah man, driver said he were hauling a load o' democrats to Tex-ass, said they needed them real bad down there to stop the Texans breeding assholes like George Dubbya'
by Stu January 27, 2005
A massive shit, that is in danger of jack-knifing as it goes down the toilet.
Phillip, will you stop insulting the natives and come in here? I've gone and blocked the cludgie with an 18 wheeler and now the waters overflowing.
by Corsaboi January 21, 2010
A way to proclaim that you have a partial boner or "Semi" to your male friends so women won't know what you're talking about.
"Man, Katie was all over me last night, she gave me an 18 wheeler"
"I had a total 18 wheeler when Danica was sitting on my lap at the water park"
by Gre3narr0w June 24, 2014
A girl with semi-good looks.
Damon: There's some semi hot chicks out there.
Edward: Yeah?
Damon: Emphasis on the semi.
Edward: Like an 18 Wheeler?!
by DamonSweepsHere October 15, 2007
1. A sexual practice when 9 men put their peins's in a girls vagina. The shaft represents the bed of the truck and the balls represent the wheels. 9 penis's times two balls=18 wheels.

2. A truck and a bed with 18 wheels.
1. Tom: Hey Matt; Me, Jade, Damien, Tucker, Craig, Ansen, Kurt, Ryan, and Steve gave Sarah Anderson an 18 wheeler.

Matt: Awesome man!, Now her pooter is ruined.

Tom: So ruined.

2. Tom: Hey Matt, me put the deliveries back in the 18 wheeler, there two heavy for a normal truck.

Matt: Sounds good.
by Carl 321 October 16, 2011
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