69 with a dead person
I had a 169 with dead Aunt Sue
by Shnobert April 20, 2004
Top Definition
assuming everyone knows what 69 is...1 is the guy watching
look up 69 for the example and then add 1 for the full example of 169.
by AJAJAJAJAJ October 25, 2007
when to people 69 and then a man stands awkwardly next to them and watches
awkard guy: "wtf man?! i wanted to 69 with her"
guy who got 69: "fuck you, and enjoy the fact that you could 169, fucking prick"
by mrjayc February 28, 2012
The most fearful number to those who know how to multiply and find square roots and believe in the 13 superstition.
13X13=169. The most feared number.
by sean 169 April 25, 2006
3 people fucking
hey jim wana do the 169 sure lets get ann
by Phil March 01, 2004
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