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3 definitions by mrjayc

when to people 69 and then a man stands awkwardly next to them and watches
awkard guy: "wtf man?! i wanted to 69 with her"
guy who got 69: "fuck you, and enjoy the fact that you could 169, fucking prick"
by mrjayc February 28, 2012
facebook is a resource for child molesters to meet the children that they will molest
by mrjayc February 11, 2012
a place in prospect park where it seems legal to get high, and always has that great odor.
person 1: hey man, you wanna get high
person 2: you thinking what i'm thinking?
person 1: 420 tree beeeaaach
person 2: yeah man, we never get caught there
by mrjayc February 11, 2012