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A common example that a male will use to describe the size of his organ of copulation in higher vertebrates. Usually, the subject referring to this term has a maximum penis size of a tic-tac; if he's lucky.
1. I have a twelve inch penis.
2. Suck on my twelve inch penis.
3. That's nothing compared to my twelve inch penis.
4. My twelve inch penis would blow yours out of the water.
by fjeer May 03, 2003
Someone with the in-ability to comprehand that of which normal people can; to be delayed, impeded or proceed slowly.
Johnny: "Yo man, that nig looks shezzey."
Robert: "Fo real? that niggah be trippin aight to mezzey."
(robert walks over to suspected retard)
Robert: "Jo dude, sarp?!"
Suspect: "Ma as fop awj fsa'd?"
Robert: "..."
by fjeer May 03, 2003
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